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Ross Downes

Ross Downes

Video Call with The Surgi Center
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The Doctor will “SKYPE” with you now…

By: Eren Cooper

Medical consultations over the phone or via video applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Oovoo, (also known as Telemedicine), has been gaining steady traction over the last few years. The concept isn’t all new; doctors have been accessible to their patients by phone for ages, sometimes even prescribing medicine over the phone. But one way in which telemedicine differs is that patients can skip playing phone tag with a busy health professional, skip having to go through their assistants and skip the rushed five minute conversation just to be told to come into the office anyway. Instead, for a fee, patients can video-call a medical professional and get a dedicated block of time where they can have their individual questions answered. Unlike seeing a doctor in person, no long forms need to be filled out, no insurance is needed and they don’t even have to be a pre-existing patient! Doctors are now treating patients they have never met and may never speak to again. According to a report by IHS, a research and consulting company, an estimated 7,000,000 patients will benefit from telemedicine services by the year 2018.“There is an ongoing belief that you must go see a doctor in a white coat—make an appointment, leave work, wait in the office. With the advance of technology, this whole paradigm is being challenged in many ways – including by video medicine. It’s like calling a friend and asking for advice, only your friend is a trained professional.” (Dr. Jennifer Schneider)

The Surgi Centre is the FIRST to bring this groundbreaking service to the Bahamas! Although this technology is NOT a substitute for going the ER in an emergency, you can now book a 20min consultation with Dr. Ross Downes; general surgery and laparoscopic professional and Director of Operations at the Surgi Centre. Dr. Downes will provide expert advice whether you are an existing patient or not a patient at all. And, the service is quick and hassle-free whether you reside in the Bahamas or anywhere else in the world!

So video-call us from the comfort of your home, hotel, or even poolside– wherever internet access is available! Medicine is changing for the better; it’s time to try it. Contact The Surgi Centre today!